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This is an innovative programme exclusively for children of age 6 & 7. At this age children have little concept of disciplined teaching and a very short attention span. Therefore, it is more effective to teach them the basic skills needed for fencing in game form. This programme is very simple and entails no extra activities outside the club session. There are no private lessons or competitions to book for.

Club fees
Because of the simple nature of this programme the fees have also been simplified, there are no separate charges for club fees and for membership. You simply pay a one-off annual fee. This will be calculated either from the day your child starts till December or till the child's 8th birthday date, whichever is sooner. The annual fee is £250 which will be calculated for the appropriate period only.

Fencing Kit
There is no need for any fencing kit in this level. Any kit needed will be provided by the club at the sessions.

How to start
You can book onto a 4 week or a 3 months beginner course after which you can sign up to the club programme. All kit will be provided. All you need is trainers, tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, a jumper and a bottle of water.


Beginner Course (Dates)
Book and pay by phone:07779 123 715, (7 days a week)
Course info
Day / time Friday (5-6 pm)
Duration 4 week course / 3 months course
Venue W1 (Marble Arch) Map
Dates All dates are on the home page

To book or to order your free information pack call:
07779 123 715




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